Manufacturing Process Engineering Manager

Job Type: Contract

Job Skills: mechanical, Manufacturing, installation, commissioning, PUWER, LOLER, HVAC

Salary: £40 - £45 per hour

Position Description:

Responsible for the development of the overall Mechanical Engineering Strategy and its dissemination across all technologies within manufacturing, via the technology forums. The strategy will be developed to include, but not limited to:- Mechanical Design Project & Site Management Mechanical Manufacture & Installation Mechanical Commissioning Spares Strategy Maintenance Strategy

Skills Required:

Any 2 of the below 4 criteria are essential: Either: substantial management of general metalwork, fabrication and welding of mild steel, aluminium, brass and stainless steel of a scale used in the automotive industry including the ability to interpret and read workshop/design drawings and direct the design of the relevant components for cutting and folding in line with best practise manufacture. Or >substantial management of toolroom activities including material selection, procurement, preparation, machining, assembling, measuring and protection of tooling ranging from small hand held through to framing gate or chassis platens for example. Or > substantial management of HVAC installations including provision of supply pipework and so on. Or > substantial experience in large scale conveyance projects including but not limited to floor and mex mounted roller beds, HEMS and other types of trim conveyance, paint conveyance and ideally AGV¿s and other flexible conveyance methods.

Experience Required:

Comprehensive knowledge of the latest regulatory and statutory regulation, the likes of PUWER, LOLER and the H&S acts plus any EU/UK regulations. Substantial experience of mechanical design in more than two of the following disciplines: structural steelwork, fabrications, tooling, HVAC installations. Substantial experience of mechanical project & site management. Familiar with running large and complex projects to a very tight timescales and to high standards of site installation. Substantial experience of large scale projects installation, commissioning and customer acceptance processes as well as experience in gaining in service feedback into future designs.

Experience Preferred:

Experience in CE marking of design and product. Experience of acting as the Principal Contractor and a full understanding of the responsibilities under this role. Experience in working for or with a line builder to deliver complete automated lines. Knowledge of Maintenance Management Systems.

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