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“Edison are a friendly, approachable recruitment agency who understood what I required from a company in order to select an appropriate role for me. Having put me forward for a number of suitable roles, both I and their client had every confidence in the position that was offered, selected and currently enjoying. Their ability to position me within a company that offered many opportunities was vital to making my choice with Edison. They are professional and prompt to communicate and I would recommend them for technical recruitment selection for both your contract and long-term goals.”

– Elaine, Powertrain Engineer

“Edison Technical Recruitment believed in me and in my professional skills even when I had lost hope in finding a great job in the UK. They stuck with me throughout the whole recruitment process and even after I had found a job.

If you believe you are a great professional and you need a job to suit you well, go ahead with Edison. They will make it happen!”

– Diana, CAD Engineer

“After over 30 years in various roles as an employee, I decided to try the contract game for the first time. Whilst others seemed content to send various emails with no follow up, it was Edison Technical Recruitment who found me my first position. They matched my skills to an industry new to me; found me the role, and arranged an interview very quickly. They then offered support – but not pressure. And whilst I considered the pros & cons before deciding they waited patiently.

Since then they certainly haven’t just faded into the shadows. Instead their senior staff provide regular face-to-face meetings to catch up and ensure I remain happy in my job. And the icing on the cake – they settle accounts within days of my invoice. One of my biggest fears of contracting was cash-flow – never an issues with the excellent team at Edison.”

– Paddy, Project Engineer

“The staff at Edison were incredible. They worked incredibly hard over the course of several months, trying to find a role that would suit my skill set and salary expectations.

I am now in a role to which I am suited, being paid a good wage and I owe it all to Edison. Having registered with ten different agencies, in all honesty, Edison were the only ones who actually delivered on their promises. They kept me informed along every stage of the process and were courteous and professional throughout.

I am delighted with Edison’s overall performance in securing this role for me, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to a friend over any other agency.”

– Tom, Technical Analyst

“Edison will work with you to identify suitable roles as they did for me during my job hunt. They also took into consideration that I was relocating from another country and identified a suitable company willing to sponsor my relocation. If you want a consultant who knows the automotive market and will find you the right role in Embedded SW Engineering, I would recommend using Edison Technical Recruitment. They are simply the best.”

– Frederick, Applications Engineer

“Edison contacted me after locating my CV on a job website. My CV interested them as I was an Engineer wanting to get into the automotive industry. They rang me and got me an interview the next day which was short notice but perfect for me as I was looking to start work immediately. They offered the position very quickly, and John Woodhouse kept me informed in the progress of getting a contract to me. John would even call at 8.30pm showing his dedication into finding people positions. I cannot thank John and his team enough for all the effort they have put into securing me a position in my dream job.”

– Daniel, Project Engineer

“Dealing with the team at Edison has been brilliant. We all know how frustrating it can be dealing with someone who cannot appreciate your skills or experience and instead is just reeling off a list of meaningless skills. With the team at Edison my faith has been restored – they look deeper than the black-and-white, and want to get to know the person behind the CV so that they can match the role and employer to you. You come to understand quickly that they care! Edison have helped me further my career and for that I am very thankful – I really cannot recommend them enough.”

– Bernard, Electronics Engineer

“Thank you for the excellent service the team at Edison gave me during my contract. You were very efficient and polite and quick to act upon my requests. You always kept me in the loop with my payments and ensured everything was done on time. Thank you very much.”

– Andrew, Project Engineer

“It was a real pleasure to work with Edison. They understood the technical details and had a willingness to help and perform my requests. I would always rely on my professional career with Edison’s expertise and I would recommend this company to others.”

– Andrei, Systems Engineer

“I found the team at Edison to be very professional and tenacious in their search for the perfect job for which I am in at the moment. They were proactive with my requirements and offered a real source of support during a rather challenging time for me. With Edison, you can’t go wrong and I would not hesitate in recommending them once again. Edison are a credit to the recruitment agency.”

– George, Technical Illustrator