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New Jaguar XF revealed 2015

Exclusive pics, a dramatic appearance on wires and more details on the spec: The new Jaguar XF is being revealed, and it shouldn’t disappoint.

Promising less weight and improved agility, Jaguar’s latest luxurious saloon has got everyone excited. What has been a relatively silent lead up to the new XF, the mystery surrounding this car is being slowly revealed by Jaguar in exclusive teaser pics and they only prove that Jaguar are still pushing the limits of it’s competition. Due on sale in 2015, Jaguar’s new XF is attracting even the most loyal Porsche and BMW lovers, and with most of the spec now revealed, you can understand why.

New Jaguar XF: style & technology combined

The original XF appeared in 2007 and Jaguar has done much to keep up with the latest technological and advanced engineering demands. The Jaguar XF appears to look somewhat the same but the foundation of the car is much different.  Weighing significantly less, the new XF is constructed from more than 75% aluminium which has meant the car will be significantly stiffer and subsequently more agile.  The new XF is also expected to be bigger than the model it replaces, creating more of a contrast between itself and the XE (due to be released also this year).

Following Jaguar’s £500m investment in it’s new Wolverhampton engine plant, it is not surprising that the new Jaguar XF will be equipped with the new Ingenium engine it has developed as a result. Full details of what the 2.0-litre-petrol four cylinder is capable of is yet to be revealed, however it is certain to be one of the cleanest cars on the road.

jaguar, xf, noordinary, car, revealed, event, automotive, news, london, uk

Inside the new Jaguar XF

The interior of the XF proves why Jag is one of the most luxurious brands out there. The plush leather seats, wood trim & silver metal finish all add a touch of class to the XF which makes it feel every inch a luxury executive saloon. Jaguar’s new InControl infotainment and connectivity system is fully integrated into this car and has replaced what was an ageing interface in the previous XF range. What is most advantageous in the Jag’s infotainment system is the ability to be integrate with both Apple and Android smartphones making this car fully operational to most consumers. Other exciting features include an app which allows you to pre-heat or cool the interior before you have even entered the vehicle, unlock the doors and locate the car in a crowded car park. 

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The new Jaguar XF unveil – 24.03.2015

Jaguar have set out to prove the weight-loss and agility of the new XF by dramatically suspending the vehicle above wires across the River Thames.  What’s in store for later? Follow us to find out more!

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The Rise of Vehicle Technology

As the UKs automotive sector continues to grow, so does the demand for skilled engineers

Over the last couple of years we have seen a huge growth in the automotive industry and it looks to continue for a long time to come.  Key UK OEMs – such as Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, and Aston Martin – have several new vehicles due to launch in 2015, which has increased the already high demand for skilled engineering staff in this country. According to the Engineering UK 2014 report, overall demand for engineering and manufacturing recruits is up by 40% compared to 2 years ago.  This has meant a huge overall growth in the industry and according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the market grew by 9.4% during 2014.

Edison Technical Recruitment has seen an unprecedented demand for engineers in the last 6 months, especially for highly-qualified technical engineering personnel. The rise in vehicle technology has only added to these pressures, as areas such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Connected Car technology and suchlike all lead us to the fully autonomous car. All this has lead to huge rise in research & development centres cropping up across the UK and beyond, and with a predicted market worth of  €110 billion by 2020, you can understand why.

John McAuley, Managing Director of Edison Technical expressed these views to Brookson who have quoted him in their Economic Outlook 2015: Automotive Sector. Read the full article by visiting the Brookson website.

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Edison raises money for comic relief

This week at Edison we got into the fundraising spirit by organising our very own bake sale – all in aid of Comic Relief! Adorning our red noses, we took to the corridors in Fort Dunlop and sold a variety of delicious home-made cakes made by the team themselves.  We had a variety of cakes on offer including baileys soaked bread and butter puddings, millionaire short-bead and chocolate brownies – all for a bargain price of 50p!

It was important for Edison to get involved in such a worthy cause and a charity that really brings out the best in people across the UK! With all this in mind and the generous donations received from our bake sale, we are pleased to announce that we raised a total of £86.42!

Here are some photos of our antics from the day!

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Geneva Motor Show 2015 – Automotive News

This year’s Geneva Motor Show proved many things, but most significantly…cars are still fun! 

The Geneva Motor Show has traditionally been an occasion for the automotive industry’s most prestigious car brands to put on their best product display. This year’s Geneva Motor show was no different. Everything from the new Ford Focus RS, to a car that is capable of over-taking virtually everything else on the road, the cars displayed in Geneva were undeniably great, with some saying it was one of the best displays ever.

Edison have been keeping up-to-date with the latest news & trends that have been emerging from the coverage of the event and these are the things that have got us excited!

Mainstream v’s Supercar

There was an undeniable spilt in this year’s show with super-supercars snatching the limelight from the more mainstream cars which you and I might possibly consider buying one day.  That is not to say that the new production models on display weren’t met with praise with the likes of Ford and VW revealing their much anticipated hatchbacks – but there was a definite lack of them. What did appear to command the cameras at the event were the major new supercars and concepts revealed by luxury car makers such as Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari and Bentley. Even more so was the car that has given the word ‘super’ a whole new level of meaning – the ‘Koenigsegg Regera‘.  Capable of 1,782bhp and a claimed 0-248mph time of 20 seconds, this is without doubt the most insane luxury supercar in the world today!

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The connected car is everywhere

Although not fully-evident in cars today, connected cars are on the rise and if the Geneva Show was anything to go by, they will be very soon.  We have seen a rise in the demand for skilled infotainment engineers across the automotive industry in the UK, and more and more automotive OEMs are investing in research centres to get ahead of the game.  The technology obviously has its pros and cons in cars and comes down to the variety of technology out there, and the consumers who buy into the technology. One debate could be; would committed iPhone and iPad users buy a car that was operational only through a Google Android system and vice-versa? Our guess – probably not.

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Cars are taking control…of themselves

The rise of autonomous car technology could evidently be felt in Geneva but manufacturers were reluctant to predict a time when fully-autonomous cars would be on the road.  In the short term though, the new technology is certainly being implemented. Safety systems have been significantly improved with the introduction of autonomous braking which is already widely available from manufacturers like Volvo, Nissan and Ford.  The next likely step will be for cars to have control of traffic situations such as on the motorway, where cars will automatically keep up with the car in front. As for cars taking control of themselves – there’s still some time to go!

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