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British creativity comes to the forefront as the new Jaguar XE is unveiled in London.

The evening began with employees of the Solihull manufacturing plant forming an ‘XE’ on the ground whilst the red arrows soared above in formation and the dramatic first glimpse of the new Jaguar XE was revealed. Appearing to fly across the skies of London, the car was suspended by a helicopter causing a buzz of excitement in the crowds below. The dramatic appearance did not end there. The car was then transported on a high-speed landing craft down the Thames and made its final journey to Earls Court flanked by 1960s Mark II Jaguar Police Cars.

The launch of the Jaguar XE evidently marked an exciting new chapter in Jaguar’s growth and an iconic moment in the UK’s automotive industry.

Defined as the cleanest & greenest Jag produced yet, this affordable car did not fail to impress. The glitzy event must be said to have come across as more of a west end show rather than a car promotion, but the message was there. It is a true-driver’s car and with a £27,000 price tag is targeted at a more affordable market.

There was no denying that from the outside this car looks great and showcases some of the best features Jaguar has to offer. Perhaps more impressive is the attention to detail to the aero-dynamics of the cars design and the fact it has been manufactured from ultra-light aluminium, making it highly efficient and sustainable. Furthermore, the four-cylinder diesel engine will emit just 99g/km of CO2, meaning it will be exempt from UK road tax.

The interior also did not fail to impress. Resonating the iconic luxurious jaguar ‘look’, the interior also contained a few new innovative features such as the all-new ‘incontrol’ infotainment system. Impressively you can actually turn on the car using your mobile phone alone and with the ability to set the air-con and other functions remotely, this will ultimately be very handy for those frosty mornings in the winter.

The XE will be the first Jaguar to be manufactured at the company’s plant in Solihull in an all-new, purpose built factory, and is set to create 1,700 jobs meaning a real boom for the UK’s automotive industry.

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Jaguar XE to create 4,000 new jobs in the UK

The big positives

It was announced this week that unemployment figures had fallen to 6.2%, the lowest level since 2008. Following on from the announcement that the Jaguar XE was to create more than 4,000 jobs, this is fantastic news for the employment sector as a whole.

The car which goes into production early next year will create 1,700 in-house jobs at the Solihull plant, as well as 700 at part suppliers and more than 2,000 in the supply chain. This doesn’t even take into account the extra demands for various components which will boost other supply chains around the world.

What are the issues facing the recruiters?

The recruitment campaign launched by JLR was targeted at long-term unemployed people in the Blackspots such as Castle Vale & Chemsley Wood, as well as redundant armed forces personnel. The strategy to invest in their workforce has been described as a “great story” in the automotive industry, however was has been highlighted in this process is the lack of skilled people in engineering out there.

We posted an article a few weeks ago from the Guardian stating “Engineers are the lifeblood of a country – and the UK doesn’t have enough.” This story received much attention from people agreeing that the system in place does not attract enough people into engineering, and the educators need to be educated.

So what needs to be done?

The number of people taking science and maths A-levels is up for the fifth year running but what isn’t getting across to young people is what a career in science or engineering offers. Operations director Alan Volkarts at JLR has agreed with this issue and has stated “it never ceases to amaze me what misconceptions people have about what 21st century manufacturing is all about.” Mr Vokarts solution is to “become more maths, science and manufacturing focused”.

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Stand out from the crowd


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